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Painting Every Day

Posted by Jane Latus Emmert on August 24, 2011 at 10:55 PM

People often ask me if I paint every day.  The honest answer is no.  I try.  I really try to paint every day, but life happens.  Laundry, dishes, bills, car repairs, visits to the elderly, grocery shopping--you know the list!  But, I also try to group those errands and tasks into certain hours of my days and then I have learned to schedule in my painting time as my most important task of the week.  It works!  I think that my commitment to schedule (and protect ) my studio time has made a huge difference in my success as an artist.  I show up for work every day.  Sometimes I'm the marketing agent, sometimes I'm the framer and sometimes I'm the artist, but I'm doing the work every day.  I limit my errand running and bill paying to the end of the day when my artistic mind is worn out.  I'm a morning person so I like to paint when I'm fresh and excited at the beginning of a new day.  I encourage you to set aside time to be in your studio.  Make it a priority--and watch how much you grow as an artist.

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