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Jane Latus Emmert paints the outdoor life she lives and loves near Glacier National Park with a spontaneous style that captures the freedom of the wilderness and Big Sky country.

          I paint the majestic mountains reflected in the pristine lakes on some days, but on others I stay under my awning and paint using experimental colors and textures.  I give myself "permission to play" with the paint, with textures, with design and colors... and my soul sings inside of me.  I wish I could bottle and give away the joy that bubbles up inside me when I paint.  If everyone could feel this feeling then the world would certainly be a better place!

Emmert’s nickname is Montana Jane because she hikes, paints and fishes in the Montana wilderness.

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Glacier National Park





Plein Air Work

I love the excitement of plein air painting... taking off on an adventure to find something that catches my eye and captures my soul. These are quick paintings, working to capture a scene in a moment of time.


The light, the clouds, the shadows. I always love the feeling when I get to paint fast and loose.